Thursday, August 11, 2011

~Popia Sushi~


Popia Sushi (Sushi Spring Roll). What is that?? 
Well, it's like a type of snack or rather we call as Kerepek. It's very popular in Sarawak (I never knew that^^).
Ok, this popia is not really made with sushi (japanese sushi). People in Sarawak give this name to commercialized it. Which one is better POPIA SUSHI OR POPIA RUMPAI LAUT?^^
I ate this Popia Sushi last week for the first time. It was very delicious (since i really love sushi + seaweed). It was made by K.Dayang's little sister (she is not little, she's 20, she is Adik Angkat K.Dayang<3). Her name is Nina. 

Enough with the chat. Let us checkout the recipe:


Ingredients (Bahan-bahan):

Spring Roll Wrappers
Kulit Popia
Seaweed Sheets (about the same size as the wrappers)
Kepingan Rumpai Laut (lebih kurang same besar dengan kulit popia tu)
Eggs (add up some salt and seasoning) (act as a glue)
Telur (campur sket dengan garam dan perasa

Directions (Cara-cara):

1. Spread the beaten eggs over the spring roll wrapper. It act as glue to stick the two sheets.
Sapu telur diatas kulit popia. Telur ni jadi cam gam utk lekatkan 2 keping (popia dgn rumpai laut)

2.Then, put the seaweed sheet on top of the egg spring roll wrapper. Make sure the seaweed sheet stick properly with the spring roll wrapper.
Pastu, letak kepingan rumpai laut atas kulit popia yang dah disapu telur. Pastikan rumpai laut tu lekat betul2 dengan kulit popia.

3. Then, cut the spring roll wrapper that has been stick with the seaweed sheet. (based on your creativity) As for me, i cut it in 1cm x 1 cm.
Pastu, gunting kepingan tu mengikut suke korang. kalau timah, timah potong petak 1 cm x 1 cm.

4. Then, heat up some oil and fry it until it become crunchy. (do not over fry it) Don't let it turn brown.
Panas kan minyak dan goreng kepingan tu. (Jangan terlebih goreng sampai hangus tau) Jangan bagi kulit popia tu jadi warna coklat.

~Lets Try~
~Selamat Mencuba~

Ramadhan dibahagikan kpd 3 fasa iaitu:
1) Fasa Rahmat : 10 hari pertama
2) Fasa Keampunan : 10 hari kedua
3) Fasa Ketiga : 10 hari terakhir

Kite dah masuk Fasa Kedua. Rebutlah peluang yang HEBAT ini!!

Ramadan Iftar
A glass of Care
A plate of Love
A spoon of Peace
A fork of Truth &
A bowl of Duaas
Mix with spices of Quraan.
Enjoy this Iftar.
Happy Ramadan.   

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