Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marie Cheese Cake

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i would like to share this recipe taught by my aunt, Acik Wati..
everyone loves this! it is so simple...

Marie Cheese Cake (maryam named it) or rather we called as Kek Batik Cheese^^


250g cream cheese
2 tsb of castor sugar
1 carton of fresh milk
1 pack of biscuits (Marie's brand)
vanilla essence


1. Heat up the milk and the vanilla essence.
2. Let it aside.
3.Then, whisk the cream cheese along with the sugar.
4.To make it more creamy like, add up a little bit of the heated milk.
5. Then, dip the biscuit into the heated milk (to make it soft) and arrange it in any container that you like.
6. After that, one layer of biscuits is done, spread the cream cheese on top of it.
7. Next, put another layer of biscuits (don't forget to dip it) and another layer of cream cheese.
8. repeat step 6 and 7 until you reach the height that you want or until you are run out of the ingredients ^^
*i usually do 3-4 layers of biscuits.

the stack of layers are just like lasagne...


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